Raise requisition, create purchase order with tagged requisition, invoicing, and billing while maintaining proper process flow between supply Chain and other departments.


Receive, issue and return items, transfer items from warehouse to warehouse or other business units, Maintain and adjust sku wise stock.

Letter of Credit

Automates the procedures of LC including proforma Invoice, swift, Insurance coverage, calculate landed cost, manage LC charges (bank), shipping Info, commercial invoice (CI), custom duty, Bill of Entry, Transport, Amendment, LC Closing and Reporting.

Asset Management

Manage organizations assets through unique asset Code, capitalize new asset, automatic depreciation calculation, transfer asset, acquire land & land development, asset disposal/retirement.


Manage Bank Receipt, Cash Payment, Bank Payment, Journal vouchers etc, Inter Company Transactions, Bank Recon and record your day-to-day financial transactions through voucher entries (Cash receipt, ciliations.


Set business unit budget with detailed cost centers. Track monthly expense of individual items with rate and quantity. Lock budget as required and generate notification.

Payment Management

Mange bank account wise cheque books with detail information, create beneficiaries, create and print cheque, Create BEFTN, RTGS to make payment.


Manage and store loan information including facility Letter, loan Disbursement, bank guarantee, automated Interest posting, repayment/rebate, excise duty, bank Charges and commission etc.


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Create quotation, manage and track sales order, delivery order, factory delivery, sales return. Can also create direct sales similar to point of sales..


Submit interim certificate of government project based on predefined bill of quantities. Receive payment and track work progress.

Revenue target

Set item or individual sales representative wise monthly / yearly revenue target.

Voucher/File Archive

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Vehicle Management

Manage drivers, manage vehicles, transfer vehicle, input vehicle related expenses, assign drivers to vehicles.


Issue work order to subcontractors, report and validate work progress, Give advance and manage billing with retention and deduction.


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Generate business unit / company wise salary Certificate, Set organization’s leave & attendance policy, manage full company’s organogram.

Employee Self Service

Request for salary certificate, leave or outstation, check attendance history and print past pay slips


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